Step 1: Call Kris Wise to start your search for properties.

Kris Wise, REALTOR
Keller Williams – Wise Advantage
972-829-9040 Kris@allthingshousing.comwww.WiseAdvantage.com

Step 2: Contact Brian Eastman at Safeguard Financial and mention Kris Wise and set up your 401K Plan or IRA. Brian can walk you through the benefits of a 401k vs an IRA. His website, www.IRA123.com, has a lot of useful information. He can give you a quote to set up your plan which is usually under $1900.

Brian Eastman
Senior Consultant
Safeguard Financial, An IRA Wealth LLC Company
Unlock Your Retirement Plan – It’s as Simple as 1-2-3
| 503.616.4434 Direct | www.IRA123.com | Brian.e@ira123.com

Step 3: Set up a checking account with Steve Edwards at Wells Fargo. Once you have set up your 401K plan to purchase real estate, you will need to set up a checking account for which you will be a Trustee of the account. Although you can get a bank account at “any” bank, Steve knows how to set up your account so it doesn’t trigger a taxable event which is the whole purpose for using your 401K.

Steve Edwards
Branch Manager
Wells Fargo Bank
2628 Long Prairie Rd. Suite 110 Flower Mound, TX 75028
Tel. 972 899 6913 – Fax 972 899 6925steve.edwards@wellsfargo.com

Step 4: Apply for a mortgage with Jackie Watts at NASB. Once you have located a property with Kris Wise, or your trusted Realtor, you can then contact Jackie Watts at NASB to determine if the property qualifies for a non-recourse IRA/401K loan. This will allow you to put 30-50% down and mortgage the remainder as long as the property provides a qualifying cash flow. This allows you to leverage your investment.

JACKIE WATTS| CRA Loan Officer (NMLS ID#: 415106) jwatts@nasb.com
NORTH AMERICAN SAVINGS BANK p) 816-508-2203 f) 816-508-1403
903 E. 104th Street, Ste. 400| Kansas City, KS 64131 | www.nasb.com
Online Application: www.iralending.com

Step 5: Make an offer on the home with your 401K or IRA plan as the buyer. Go for it! Make an offer and list your 401K or IRA plan as the buyer and sign it as your name “as Trustee”.

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