Looking for a quick breakfast that doesn’t make you feel heavy and sluggish? Go try out the new Rush Bowls for a delicious and healthy breakfast. Rush Bowls is a new establishment in the Lakeside area of Flower Mound, TX. They offer blended fruit bowls and smoothies. Their bowls and smoothies are a healthy and convenient meal replacement. Most of their menu is under 350 calories.

All of their bowls and smoothies are customizable with fresh toppings and they even accommodate dietary restrictions. They have daily $5 bowls during their “rush hours” which is 7am-10am Monday-Friday. So if you are stuck in traffic on your way to work, stop by and have a refreshing bowl.

Need a treat for your 4 legged pal? They offer bow wow dogs which are a delightful treat for your dogs. There’s something for everyone at Rush Bowls. If you have a younger child who wants a yummy bowl of fruit, they have a mom&me option where you can get a smaller bowl for $3 extra.

They don’t have a drive thru but they do have an app that you can pre-order your bowl on. Make sure to download the app so you can order your breakfast in advance. Pay online and the next morning it will be ready for you when you specified your pickup time.

Rush Bowls is located at 2400 Lakeside Pkwy #160 Flower Mound, TX 75028.

Wise in the City- Rush Bowls
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Wise in the City- Rush Bowls
Enjoy a refreshing blended bowl of fruit and granola as a meal replacement or low calorie treat at Rush Bowls located in Flower Mound, TX.
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Wise Advantage Group
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