Do you ever open your pantry and wonder where you last put that jar of basil? It would be great to finally get your pantry organized and for it to stay organized. That’s where Jennifer March and her team The Organize Team come in.  Jennifer’s love for organizing came at a young age and continued as she became a teacher and a mother to 3. Her passion turned into helping other people clean their clutter and live their everyday life in a better way. Her attention to detail and passionate personality make her a great match for anyone who doesn’t know where to start when it comes to organizing because let’s face it, we all have messes somewhere in our lives.

Her team has done everything from pantries, to closets, to garages and even helps people transition to a new home. Every consultation begins with her coming in and creating a system to not only get organized but to also stay organized. The Organize Team offers various affordable packages to suit anyone’s needs.

In addition to private consultations, The Organize Team also offers workshops throughout the year to teach people tips and tricks to get organized. These workshops are open to the public and attendees will walk away with the empowerment and the know-how to organize their lives and to stay organize.

Need help organizing your personal business? They can help with that too. They offer business lifestyle staging which helps you find that lost contract easier next time. Knowing where the right paperwork is at all times can help make your business more profitable and makes your business run smoother.

Being organized not only helps reduce clutter but stress as well. It saves you time and money and improves your quality of life. So if you don’t have the time or energy to de-clutter and organize your life, reach out to Jennifer and The Organize Team and be sure to tell them the Wise Advantage Group sent you!

You can reach The Organize Team best by e-mailing them at theorganizeteam@gmail.com.

Wise in the City- The Organize Team
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Live a more efficient life by getting organized and gettings tips on how to stay organized from The Organize Team in Flower Mound, TX.
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