House Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

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home staging tipsIf you’re preparing to sell your home, you need to make your house look like it’s worth every single penny of the asking price. For this reason, you need to put your best foot forward and makes things appealing to your potential buyers. You want them to feel so comfortable in the house that they can’t wait to call it home.

Depersonalize the House

The prospective buyers want to picture themselves living in the rooms. Family photos and eccentric decorating may hurt the illusion. Remove all your family photos from the rooms. This includes photos and drawings on the refrigerator. Repaint brightly colored walls with a more neutral shade. Painting things a neutral color helps a buyer see their own décor added to the space without distraction.

Everything Should Be In Perfect Condition

Ensure that you fix anything that needs repairing. Perhaps you’ve been used to that broken porch step or the squeaky door in the bedroom, but these things will stand out to people during a showing. Look through your house with a critical eye or ask someone else to help you recognize issues that need attention. Look for things like cracked plaster, torn screens, burnt out lights, and loose hardware.

If you have unfinished projects in your home, complete them before opening your home up for showings. They tend to create a red flag and might scare away prospective buyers. So, if you had good intentions when you began to renovate the half bathroom, but you never got around to finishing things, tackle the project now.

Great Lighting

Great lighting can make staged homes look warm and welcoming. Increase the wattage in your lamps and fixtures. For each 50 square feet, 100 watts may work just fine. Three or four fixtures in a room can make it look appealing. While you’re checking bulbs, clean and replace any lighting fixtures.

Don’t forget outside lighting when you’re replacing bulbs. Take a walk around the property and make sure there is adequate light in darker areas. While you may be showing your home during the day, you never know when someone might drive through the neighborhood in the evening hours. You want them to notice your home and sale sign, but you also want them to take note of the security offered by having a well-lit property.

Make the Rooms Look Bigger

If you want to create an illusion of more space in the rooms, paint your walls the same color as the drapery. Another design trick could be to paint a room the same color as the adjacent room. This way, the room will have a seamless and sophisticated look. Give your sun-porch a more inviting look and make it seem bigger by painting it green; it will reflect the color of nature.

Replace Older Items

Tea towels, oven mitts, chair cushions, and any visible linen should be new. This creates a clean look that appeals to buyers and lets them know that you pay attention to details. Consider replacing shower curtains and small area rugs.

Create a Serene and Inviting Bedroom

A more relaxing and spacious bedroom will invite a potential buyer to purchase the house. Add a more relaxing look with comfy linens and soft colors. Even if you don’t have money to purchase a new bed, you could always get the frame and dress up an inexpensive air mattress with neutral-patterned bedding. Remember to clean out your closet to show off your storage space.

Give the Kitchen a New Look

You can always get new doors and drawer fronts if you can’t afford to get new cabinets. Add new hardware and paint everything in the kitchen to match. Hire a professional cleaning company to clean your kitchen spotlessly down to the last detail. A popular saying is that kitchens sell houses, and this is said with good reason. Taking the time to properly prepare your kitchen is worth the effort.

Fix Your Bathroom

Professionally repaint your bathroom tiles to make them look brand new. Accessorize the room to make your buyers feel like they’re in a spa. Replace the old mirror with an inexpensive nice-looking framed mirror. Add an attractive lighting fixture, decorative baskets, and candles to give the bathroom a renovated new touch that will invite potential buyers. Take care not to over-decorate the bathroom if it’s a small space.

Don’t Forget About the Exterior of Your Home

What good is a neatly polished interior if the exterior doesn’t have an inviting look? Be sure to make the exterior equally as inviting and polished as the interior. Neatly trim the bushes and work on the flowerbeds. Paint any outdoor buildings that may need some attention. Fix any loose bricks or cracks in walk ways.

Final Touches

Home staging can be as inexpensive if you concentrate on small details often overlooked. Remember, a great smell will make your house even more memorable. Before a showing, consider how your home smells. Stay away from strong cooking odors, pet smells, or the smell of smoke.

Ask Someone Who Knows

When it comes to staging tips that can help sell your house, Wise Advantage Real Estate has the knowledge and experience to point you in the right direction. Give us a call today at 972-829-9040.

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