The Basics of Selling Your Home

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selling a house in flower moundYou’ve lived in it, loved it – and now it’s time to list it and leave it! Your house is no longer the home of your dreams and it’s time to go. Chances are, you’ve already found your new home and your mind is already mid-move, but reality suggests you stick around for a few necessary home improvements and tasks before riding off into the horizon in your moving truck, especially if the purchase of your next home is contingent on the sale of this one. Hire a professional real estate agent to avoid the “for sale by owner” headaches and legalities that arise with first time home-sellers. Know your home’s current market value, and prepare your home to be buyer friendly.

Knowledge is Power

Knowing your home’s current value is extremely important. Your home’s value is different from your home’s appraisal, and may not be even close to what you originally paid. Supply and demand, coupled with comparable houses in your neighborhood, as well as the condition of the house you’re selling are all going to make a difference in the offers you’ll receive. Find homes for sale in your community with similar floor plans, and know their asking prices. This will give you a starting point on what you might be able to ask for the house you’re selling.

Keep in mind that many potential homebuyers are surfing the web or handy apps to eye-spy newest arrivals on the market. Many of these resources are based on price values, so a $5,000.00 difference in cost could make the difference in how often your house appears in a buyer’s search. Price your home competitively with what’s already on the market.

Make Your Home Appealing

Make sure your home has curb appeal. Don’t sell your to-do list with your home. Take the time and make the investment to trim the bushes, touch up the paint, and get the lawn in good shape so the first impression makes a mark on potential homebuyers. The last thing you want is to be passed by because buyers were put off by the work you didn’t do before they arrived for a showing. Buyers want move-in ready. Prepare your home so you don’t face setbacks in the home inspection process.

Once curb appeal has invited potential buyers in for a closer look, make sure the interior of the home is warm, welcoming, and de-cluttered. Remove any personal items such as pictures so potential buyers can imagine themselves and their families in the space instead of yours. Instead of including a carpet allowance, go ahead and replace the carpet ahead of time. Tone down the colors of walls and carpets to soft neutrals. A clean, tidy, uncluttered space will allow buyers to enjoy their walk-through experience instead of trying to overlook obstacles.

Consider the Extras

Consider including a home warranty in the sale of your home as added security for potential buyers. If your home looks well cared for, regularly maintained, and includes a home warranty, you may find incoming bids closer to asking price.

There are some items you may not be able to take with you when you leave, such as washer and dryer set, or wall mounted televisions. Consider including these items in the sale price of your home to sweeten the pot.

Our world is full of tech-savvy shoppers and cleverly designed resources to allow near instant access to new homes on the market. Take advantage of that two to three week time period when your home is first listed for sale. Include well lit, professional quality pictures with your home so potential buyers can enjoy the eye candy as bait. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Once your home is prepped inside and out, repairs have been made, colors toned down, and eye-sores removed, secure a professional real estate agent to handle the hard stuff and help you set the right price for your house. When you’ve done these things, your home is ready for potential home buyers to consider as their future dream home.

Ask Someone Who Knows

They have years of experience and the knowledge to make selling your home less stressful. Give Wise Advantage Real Estate a call today at 972-829-9040. Let’s talk about how we can help sell your home.

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