In the past several years, home staging to boost a home’s appeal has emerged as a powerful way to attract buyers. Statistics china cabinet with paper dishesindicate that staged homes sell more quickly and for up to twenty percent more than their un-staged counterparts. However, staging must be done properly, as there are common pitfalls that could actually have a negative effect on buyers’ perceptions.

Are you thinking about staging your home for a successful sale? Whether you are doing it on your own or working with a professional, be sure to avoid these top 5 mistakes:

Faking it

glass bowl of fake fruit and veggiesFake flowers, bowls of fake fruit, and even fake computer monitors are commonly used in model homes as a way to create the illusion of a functional living space. However, if your goal is to make your home look warm and inviting to buyers, displaying these artificial items could backfire. This tactic makes your home look obviously staged and impersonal.

Not staging appropriately for the size of the room

While keeping your home free of clutter is essential for attracting buyers. It’s a common misconception that using minimal amounts of furniture and décor is the key to making the home appear more spacious. In reality, the most important factor is to decorate proportionately for the size of the room. As you choose items to place or keep in your rooms, strive to create spaces that are comfortable and practical. Buyers want to imagine actually living in the house with their furniture and decorations and even have room to grow into the house.

Closing doors

While it may seem obvious that you do not want to close off important sections of your home to buyers, doors may be closed before showings out of everyday habit. However, this could result in buyers missing entire spaces, like impressive closets or basements. Before a scheduled showing, perform a final walk-through to ensure that all doors are open and that buyers will be able to explore the home seamlessly.

Excessive use of neutral colors

white bedsheets with teal accent wallIt’s true that a neutral color scheme is generally recommended for homes on the market. Neutral colors help buyers picture themselves living there as opposed to bold and unique colors. However, too much of a good thing can harm buyers’ perceptions of your home, making it appear bland and unmemorable. Instead, spruce up your neutral color palette with some vibrant accent walls or boldly colored pieces of furniture.

Ignoring the outside

First impressions count and potential buyers begin to form theirs as soon as they pull up to your home so be sure that your staging efforts extend to the yard. Ensure that the grass was recently mowed, fences and gates are freshly painted if needed and driveway and sidewalks are in good repair. Consider putting out a new welcome mat or garden flag to greet buyers before they even set foot in your home.

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Staging your home when it's for sale is important these days so we have compiled the top 5 staging mistakes to avoid.
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